Friday, November 13, 2009

Membership Form for PMLN (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz)

Join PMLN for the betterment of Country n be a part of fair n doubtless politics
Important Note: After filling this form please mail it to PML (N) Head office at this address

Central Secretariat Islamabad

House No 20-H streets 10, sector F-8/3 Islamabad.
Secretary General Direct NO : 051-2852661
Secretariat Phone and Fax No : 051-2852662,
051-2852663 and 051-2852665
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"Welcome to PMLN......Please share your thougts n opnion for the betterment of Country n be a part of fair n doubtless politics"

"Welcome to PMLN......Please share your thougts n opnion for the betterment of Country n be a part of fair n doubtless politics"


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  2. We Support PML-N. what ever, So Far, We Are, THE MEMBER OF PML-N.No doubt About Our Leader of Pakistan ......Our Working In Heart Of For Nation Of Pakistan......We Do Care PML-N To Support All In All For Our Dua To Succeed.

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  4. Mr. Speaker, As I rise to present the second budget of the democratic government, I want to thank Allah (SWT) for remarkable mercies He has bestowed on us by giving enormous success to the policies and initiatives we announced in our first budget. This success is the outcome of a democratic process that has allowed people to choose their representatives and they, in turn, are working to achieve their aspirations.
    When we started our journey, we were facing the most daunting task of repairing a broken economy. We embarked on a very comprehensive agenda of economic reforms aimed to reinvigorate the economy, spur growth, maintain price stability, provide jobs to the youth and rebuild the key infrastructure of the country. Prime Minister Mohammed Nawaz Sharif set a rare example of foresight, courage and political sagacity when he did not shy away from taking painful decisions; decisions that were surely unpopular but imperative for restoring economic health of the country. Today, with the blessings of Allah, I say in all humility that we have not only restored the health of the economy but have put it firmly on the path of stability and growth.
    I by no means, am claiming that we have achieved our highest goals, however, I can gratefully and with humility, inform this House that Pakistan today is much more strong, healthy and prosperous than where it was one year before. But we need not be complacent with achievements so far.We are far from our destination. Therefore, we have to continue to strive and move forward, so that we achieve the status and stature among the nation, which we deserve, given our abilities. This is a national agenda and we hope that in order to achieve this, both side of the Parliament shall guide and favor us with valuable suggestions.
    Review of Economic Performance 2013-14:

  5. We are proud of this support that we are providing to our vulnerable and young people. We owe it to them; it is their own resources that we are managing in trust and making sure that in their state of vulnerability we are there to help them. I would also like to emphasize that we are not promoting a culture of dependency for the poor. We have adopted a methodology that constantly watches the economic state of recipients and there is a very structured process through which families are graduated from being recipients to become economically independent. This program is therefore a program only to help families under need and encourage them to gain a life that does not finally depend on such assistance.

  6. Mark up rate for Export Refinance Scheme of State Bank of Pakistan is being reduced from 9.4% to 7.5% from 1st of July 2014. The Expeditious Refund System is being improved and a fast track channel for manufacturers-cum-exporters is being created. I have already directed FBR to dispose of all their pending Sales Tax refund claims before 30th September 2014. In future, all admissible refund claims of exporters shall be disposed off within 3 months, if not earlier.
    The textile sector value chain will be given protection as per the study carried out by National Tariff Commission (NTC). This will provide a predictable tariff regime for the foreseeable future.
    Textile industry units in the value added sector would be provided Long Term Financing Facility (LTFF) for up gradation of technology from State Bank of Pakistan at the rate of 9% for 3-10 years duration.
    Textile sector enjoyed duty free import of machinery under textile policy 2009-14. This facility will end on 30th June 2014 (SRO-809). It is proposed that in view of the need to take full advantage of GSP plus facility, this concession would be allowed for another two years.

  7. ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday chaired a high level meeting to discuss situation arising after the arrest of MQM chief Altaf Hussain in London.

    Sources said that speaking at the meeting the prime minister said that the arrest of Mr Hussain was a legal affair and the government was extending its “legal and moral assistance” in this regard.

    He told the meeting that Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad had assured him that law and order would be maintained in Karachi.

    Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan briefed the meeting about the government strategy to maintain law and order in Karachi.

    He said that the federal government would extend cooperation to the Sindh government to maintain peace in the city. (Courtesy: The News)




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